Terms & conditions

Booking, Payment and Cancellation Terms
  • a 50% deposit may be required to secure larger jobs in the diary
  • Payment is required on the day of completion unless prior arrangement is made.
  • Payment to be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Invoices not settled when due will be liable to Late Payments charges in accordance with Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. A fixed penalty fee of £70 will immediately be added to the debt and interest may also be charged on all outstanding monies at a rate of 8.5% pa.
  • Jobs cancelled or "postponed" by the client at less than 3 working days, (Mon to Fri), notice will be subject to a small cancellation fee of £250 to partially recover loss of earnings for each booked day we are prevented from working. Failure to pay will result in a small claims action for Breach of Contract to recover total loss of profits from the agreed contract.
Sealing and Maintenance
  • Three coats of seal and two of oil are standard unless otherwise agreed with client. 
  • We recommend maintaining floors with professional wood flooring maintenance products only.
  • NEVER wet mop your wooden floor
  • It is the clients responsibility to avoid contact with the floor during drying times.
  • Ideally floors should not be covered nor furniture replaced during curing period. Sand 'n' Seal cannot be held responsible for marking to the floor after the job is completed.
  • Felt pads should be attached to the feet of all furniture to help prevent scoring of the floor.
  • All colour sample are representative and may vary due to individual site conditions
  • It is the clients responsibility to check suitability of colour at time of application.
  • Due to differences in the grain of wood it is not possible to achieve complete  uniformity when staining a floor, although every effort is made to achieve the best possible results.
  • Due to the nature of applying stain some slight marking of skirting boards may occur. Sand 'n' Seal cannot be held liable for re-decoration.
  • Due to the natural movement of wood, filling cannot be guaranteed and can fail at any time.


The Sanding Process

  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure rooms are completely empty of furniture and other tradesmen at the start of work. Curtains should be taken down or tied back where possible and wires should be taped up so that they do not touch the floor.
  • Our sanding process is reported to be 97% dust free. Small amounts of dust are produced and this may be further affected if a large amount of hand sanding or repairs are necessary.
  • The floor should be prepared for sanding prior to our attendance, this means all nails, screws etc should be at least 2mm below the surface and all carpet tacks and staples removed.
  • If necessary floor preparation can be done by Sand 'n' Seal at a rate of £40 per hour.
  • Due to the nature of the machinery used decoration and skirting may be liable to marking. Sand 'n' Seal cannot be held liable for unavoidable marking nor the costs of redecoration.


Hours of Work


  • Hours of work will normally be between 8:30am and 4:30pm Mon to Fri.
  • Any delays caused by the client are liable to be charged at £40 per hour during normal working hours.


Electricity Supply

  • Our sanding machines require a 240v power supply.It is the clients responsibility to ensure that their power supply is fit for purpose.

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